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2019-01-30 14:06:53
Step 8: Showings & Open Houses

Fantastic news! We have our first showing request!! 

Here are a few things to keep in mind before every showing:

  • Have your home look just like it did for the photographs (ie. clean, all dishes put away, floors free of cat hair, etc).
  • Put all toilet seat lids down.
  • Open all curtains and have the blinds down, but turned to let light in.
  • Turn on all lights before you leave for a showing (if you are leaving for that showing).
  • Hide well any valuables such as jewelry, prescription meds, toothbrushes, weapons etc or, better yet, take them with you.
  • Hide all bills with your name on them as we don’t want potential buyers to be tempted to snoop inappropriately.
  • Turn off alarm systems and lock all doors.
  • The buyer’s Realtor will use the lockbox key to enter/exit. They will leave the lights on or off as they had found them to be when they got there and lock the door when she/he leaves.
  • Showings usually last 20 – 30 minutes, however, in sometime they come early so we suggest leaving 15 minutes before the showing is scheduled to start and stay out for at least 15 minutes after the end time in case the buyer is running late or the showing goes long (which usually means they like your home!). Therefore, plan to be gone for 1 to 1 1/2 hours for each showing.
  • Take pets with you unless they are a scaredy cat who hides.
  • After the showing, the buyer’s Realtor will automatically get an email asking for feedback. Generally only about 30% of Realtors fill it out. If they do, we will send you a copy of any feedback immediately.
  • Beware of strong smelling candles and wax melters! They can overwhelm potential buyers and drive them out!
  • Beware of litter boxes, too! Use a scented litter and clean it out very frequently.

Open House Time!
My goal is to get qualified ready buyers to your home for this event AND people who KNOW qualified buyers in the area. Don't be worried or surprised if you hear that a neighbor is coming or came. They may have a friend or relative wanting to move to your community. As a matter of fact, those tend to be some of the strongest most motivated buyers! So put it out there and invite the neighbors when you see them. We will be reaching out to them and any renters in the area, too. 

Open Houses generally are from 2 to 3 hours long. I will put up directional signs during the hour before the open house and arrive a few minutes early to also set up inside. We will have some fun marketing it as well with possibly a Facebook live broadcast! Please plan to be gone with your pets and follow the basic guidelines as listed for the showings above. Some of my clients like to bake cookies just before the open house which makes the kitchen smell wonderful. 

After the open house, I will give you a report on how many people came through, how interested they appeared to be, comments they made, and if any are planning to make an offer that day. The following Monday I start following up with those that came without agents and measure again their interest and ability to buy.

If you have any questions, please let me know! Now let’s get your home sold.

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