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2019-01-28 10:51:16
Step 6a: Marketing has Started!

One of the main topics we'll be discussing prior to putting your home on the market is who the 'best' potential buyers are for your home specifically. Very likely, it will be more than one group of people. For example, a 2 bedroom condo in downtown Salt Lake may appeal to singles or couples of nearly any age, but probably not a rancher or family of 8. There are better homes more suited to what they typically will want. If they want to see the condo for whatever reason and want to buy it, that is fine, of course. We are definitely not prejudice. We ARE going to use marketing wisely, though. It doesn't necessarily make sense to advertise that condo in a Farm & Ranch magazine, right? I think you get the picture.

I am very very in interested in your answers to why YOU chose to buy and live in this home. Was it the nearness to work or skiing? Did you fall in love with the open layout? Could you picture yourself grilling? These are the things that will likely appeal to the next owner. We'll use that as we fine tune the marketing

Once we have looked at those answers and possibilities, things start to happen quickly. Professional photos are arranged for and taken. Appropriate signage is put in place. An open house may be a good fit for your home and is scheduled. Emails are sent, calls and texts are made, photos are loaded, descriptions created, social media fired up and so much more. Read on!

While the professional photos are being taken and polished, we start marketing your home to other Realtors and potential buyers through the strategies below: 

  • Sending Just Listed e-cards to the working Realtors in the area MktgCollage
  • Conducting a for-agents-only open house
  • Inviting personally neighbors and active buyers from our clients to an open house usually scheduled the Saturday after your listing goes live on the Utah MLS
  • Mailing open house postcards to the area renters and other potential buyers in the area
  • Creating & printing professional brochures and postcards
  • Installing the For Sale sign to catch the interest of the area
  • Starting a social media campaign getting the word out about your home

Generally the above takes 48-72 hours. After that, as soon as the photos are back from the photographer and you are ready, your property will go live in the MLS!

Once it is on the Utah MLS, all sorts of things happen throughout the internet world. With almost the speed of light (almost), the photos and information syndicates out to hundreds of thousands of websites throughout the world. It's amazing! Most people in the USA use what we call the Big 5 to search for homes besides their agent's site - Utah's MLS,,,, and plus. We especially make sure the marketing on the Big 5 goes through perfectly and stays updated.

Other special techniques or tactics we may use depends on the home and target clients. For recreational, commercial, horse or ranch, golf, luxury, and special use properties, there are certain sites and even magazines we may use to get your property's information out. 

It will be an exciting time as you watch it all come together and great potential buyers start taking action to see it!

Questions? Call me at 801-589-9688 or email us at .

Step 6b: Marketing to Get Buyers
Step 7: Safety Matters
Step 8: Showings & Open Houses

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Step 6a: Marketing has Started!

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