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2019-01-28 11:23:09
Step 5: Prepping for Photos
86% of Buyers said they chose to see the home they purchased because of the photos.
So, how do you make an irresistible first impression that will get buyers and their agents scramble all over to get to your place first?

Prepare your home for the

Photographers have a precise schedule to follow and have been given a specific amount of time to shoot your home so use this checklist to prepare your home for the photographer’s visit.

The photographer’s schedule does not allow time for anyone to move items from room to room during the shoot or to move furniture. Complete these items BEFORE the photographer arrives.

In General:FamRm1
  1. Turn ON all of the lights and lamps. Replace burnt out or missing bulbs.
  2. Have your blinds & shutters all the way down and about 2/3's adjusted to let light in, but not white out the window.
  3. Turn OFF all ceiling fan blades as they will photography blurred.
  4. Remove anything from the floor that does not belong on the floor.
  5. Hide all paper stacks (papers/bills/magazines).
  6. Tuck and hide cords - can use tape and rubber bands.
  7. Put toys in storage containers.
  8. Clean all streaks and dirt off windows.

  1. Remove ALL items from bathroom counter tops – exception for maybe one that is decorative.
  2. Put up newer towels, hung straight and remove any items on pegs/hung anywhere in the bathroom.
  3. Put the toilet seats DOWN!!!
  4. Remove bath rugs if they are not new or exceptionally well-matched to accent the bathroom.
  5. Empty the shower and tubs of all shampoos, soaps, etc.
  6. Hide extremely well or remove all weapons.

  1. Remove ALL items from kitchen countertops / islands – exception for 2 or 3 items. (Remember the Rule of Flat Surfaces in Step 3?)
  2. Remove EVERYTHING from the outside of the Refrigerator (top, bottom, & sides)
  3. Hide away all Pet dishes and the garbage can.
  4. Dish towels/sponges put away - one newer nice one may hang or sit decoratively.
  5. May set table festively or have a centerpiece or bowl of fruit in center.
  1. Remove ALL items from tables/stands/counter tops (including alarm clocks) – exceptions are just a few lamps/decorative items.
  2. Make beds wrinkle-free and straighten pillows.
  3. Hide trash cans and diaper genies!
Living and Dining Areas:
  1. Hide all remote controls
  2. Remove all personal items from table tops and open shelving – except 1 or 2 decorative items
  3. Straighten cushions, pillows & chairs.
  1. Remove all cars, bikes, and toys from the driveway and sweep.
  2. Mow, edge and weed the lawn and beds. Add fresh bark if necessary. Add a new, blooming flower pot by front door and back.
  3. If during a snow time, sweep after shoveling. Remove ice patches.
  4. Remove oil stains as best as possible.
  5. Remove ALL lawn equipment, debris, recycle and trash cans from sight.
  6. Roll up the hoses and hide the sprinkler attachments.
  7. Sweep patio and open patio umbrellas. Straighten chairs and grills.
  8. Put new welcome mats outside each door.
  1. Please crate them or otherwise contain them in a non-obtrusive area not being photographed.
  2. Remove pet carriers, crates, pet dishes and visible litter boxes from photography areas.

Once you complete the checklist, walk around and ask yourself if this is everything you want the buyer to see?  Remember, these photos will be the buyer’s and buyer's agent's first impression of your home. Will they want to schedule a showing?

Have questions? Please give me a call at 801-589-9688 or email

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