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2019-01-28 11:20:43
Step 3: Declutter, Deep Clean & Stage for Buyers

Pictures are worth a thousand words, right?
Yes, the photo on the right could be brighter with more contract, and it would be edited prior to posting, but look past that. Look at the tidiness, the arrangement, the accent pillows ... simple changes make a difference in how the buyer perceives the property which impacts how much they are willing to offer. How many changes do you really see between the two photos? There are at least 14. These sellers used what they had in their house already.

Take a look at this one.
The changes are too numerous to count! AND what a difference

I think you are getting the picture, right? 

It's time to clear out nearly everything from each room and put back only what makes it look like a magazine photo of a room in a home appropriate for your home's location, size and price. To help make those choices, think of each room as part of a hotel room. What would be in there? Family photos and toys? Nope.

With the hotel thought in mind, how clean would you expect the place to be? Pretty clean including baseboards, vents, windows, doors, lamp shades, etc. Here are 2 BIG tips on cleaning. TIP #1 - Clear out nearly everything from the room before cleaning. TIP #2 - Clean to the best of your ability and time allowed. THEN, hire cleaners to do it again right before the open house. Remember, be extremely picky about what will go back into the room.

TIP #3 - Get a storage unit near your home and get it twice as big as you think you will need. The garage is a great place to temporarily put boxes as you clear rooms, but don't leave them there. It can make buyers feel like you really don't have enough space. You are selling your home and moving so get started and make life easier on yourself. As you move things out of each room, pack it up and put it in storage or dump it or give it to the Savers. The results will be that your home feels much more spacious to the buyers coming through as well as more attractive, it is MUCH easier to keep clean, and the pressure to pack up everything toward the end of your home selling process is so much light. It's therapeutically awesome!

Cheerios should NOT be used in staging!

As for the kitchen and baths, apply the Law of Flat Surfaces. If it has a flat surface, keep it clear of stuff. Stuff includes magnets, toasters, dish racks, papers, or anything that sits on or is held onto a surface. Areas typically forgotten about are the tops of fridges and around sinks. Since kitchens are larger, you can choose 2 or 3 items total to have out. Make your choices wisely. For example, if you really go through roles weekly of paper towels, a simple paper towel holder could be on the counter along with one or two other items. For the bath, only one or two items. Again, make them count - soap dispenser and/or tissues for example. Nothing else. DEFINITELY DO NOT have your toothbrushes out. Do you really want to take the chance on a buyer's 3 year old grabbing it? 

Also, sometimes a change of paint color is good and take notice the difference in the closet!

Closets and cabinets can be a little intimidating, but don't need to be. They are the easiest to start packing. As you look at each one, only keep what you will definitely use in the next 3 months. Nothing else. You want them half empty. And yes, potential buyers do look into every closet and cabinet. You will when we see homes that you are thinking of buying.

Next? You have cleaned and cleared, what would be the next best step? Repairs and maintenance. Take a look at Step 4 & 5 for guidance on that.

Step 4: Pre-Market Home Inspection? Yay or Nay?

Step 5: Prepping for Photos

Then...It's Showtime & Go-Time!

Ready with some questions? Need more information? I am here for you. Call me at 801-589-9688 or email me at .

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